Hello! My name is Ryan and this is the beginning of the Baraboo Kayak Company. Baraboo Kayak is something my wife Amy and I have toyed with for a few years and now, finally, in 2017, it’s happening.  We started the Wisconsin Canoe Company back in 2010 and it’s gone well but we (I) always wanted to get people out on the Baraboo River. It’s hard to exaggerate how much fun this little river is within the confines of Baraboo, WI.  You’ve got a ton of riffles and class I rapids, historic buildings, bridges, arches, and the extremely unique opportunity to paddle through an active circus, complete with music, wagons, and if you’re really lucky, elephants.  All of this is packed into a few short miles which means the experience is rarely dull and can be completed in a few hours or less – i.e. a perfectly fun thing to do while you’re visiting the Dells, Baraboo, or Devil’s Lake this summer.

Elephants in the Baraboo River

Elephants really do bathe in the Baraboo River

While I have zero doubts about the worthwhile nature of paddling this river, our company has never done an expansion like this before so this first season (2017) is almost certainly going to involve some tweaks and changes as we figure out what works and what doesn’t. We’ll be adjusting our hours as we establish demand on weekdays vs weekends, nail down additional trip offerings as we gather feedback, and determine what types of watercraft we should add to our initial fleet.  Even this website is temporary as we collect more pictures and build out features similar to what we have over at Wisconsin Canoe.  With that said, our reservation system is up and running so if you’re able to book a trip for a particularly date and time, we’ll be here waiting for you.

To start this year, we’ve got 16 brand new kayaks specifically designed for a rocky, splashy river like the Baraboo plus a few more boats we’ll be transferring from our Spring Green location as needed.  We’re based just east of Baraboo at S5390 Hwy 113 (~20 minutes south of Wisconsin Dells and 5 minutes north of Devil’s Lake).  Expect one trip for now (the best one) which runs just over 4 miles and 2 hours from Haskins Park through downtown Baraboo and out to Hwy 113.  We’re currently taking online reservations for single person kayaks but if we get enough requests for tandem kayaks, canoes, etc, we’ll certainly explore that possibility (we have a few extra kayaks on site available first come, first serve including tandem kayaks if you have children younger than 13).  We have to take into account mixing various boat sizes on our kayak trailers and the lower water levels in late summer that mean significantly more wear and tear on hulls.  Transporting personal boats is another area where we’re currently working out the details.  When we’re able to offer this service, you’ll be able to book private transport directly through our website.  We will try our best to accommodate the many area paddling groups and beginner whitewater enthusiasts that come out to play on the Baraboo.

Anyone that has paddled with our company on the Wisconsin River knows that we put a lot of time and effort into the logistics of our operation to make sure it works exactly as we say it will and that you know exactly what you’re getting into.  If you haven’t used the Wisconsin Canoe Company before, take a look at our reviews to see what I mean.  Expect more of the same at Baraboo Kayak.  I’m looking forward to getting your feedback as we you’re essentially our 2017 guinea pigs.  I hope we’ll see you out here this summer!